How solar energy services works

Just one hour of the sun’s energy could provide enough electricity to power the world for a year.

We're unlocking the abundance of solar for New Zealand and New Zealanders. We believe our nation should be powered 100% by renewable energy. Now is the time for all of us to work together to build a more sustainable New Zealand.


How our solarZero energy service works

How our solarZero energy service works

  1. Future proof your home by using our pre-wiring guidelines when building or renovating so you can easily add a storage battery, or a charger for your electric vehicle.
  2. As part of our solar installation we wire your hot water cylinder so it can be switched on and off with the solarZero app.
  3. We have a team of energy advisors that work with you to help reduce your overall energy costs. They provide you with a personalised energy plan and regular updates to maximise your solar use and improve your home's energy efficiency.
  4. Our solarZero app allows you to monitor your home's energy use and solar generation. We also monitor the system for you 24/7.
  5. We own and manage the solar panels we install on your roof. That means you don't pay any capital costs for the technology.
  6. The solarZero app works on your smartphone, tablet or computer, allowing you to monitor and control your home remotely.
  7. We manage the system for you for 20 years. This includes repairs and any upgrades necessary to deliver guaranteed production from the solar system.
  8. solarZero gives you access to exclusive low rates for grid power. Plus our buyback price guarantee ensures that when you sell solar power you’re paid the same rate it costs you to buy energy, excluding network charges and gst.

Key benefits of solarZero

Our all-in-one solarZero energy service covers 100% of your home's electricity needs by providing clean solar power and access to grid power at mates rates.

  • Reduce your energy costs. Provides protection from rising power bills (130% over the past 20 years).
  • No maintenance.
  • Supplies clean solar energy, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Helps protect the environment and shifts NZ towards 100% renewable energy.
  • solarZero monitoring app tracks solar generation and your home's energy use. We pre-wire your hot water cylinder so soon you will be able to control it remotely.
  • Access to grid power at mates rates. That means you buy electricity at a price that's cheaper than the traditional power companies offer. We pass that through to you without adding any mark up.


Will the solar system work in a power cut?

The systems we install are grid-tied which means if the grid goes down, the solar system will automatically shut down. This is a regulatory requirement to protect the repair crews working on the power lines in the blackout area. However, if you have battery storage, it can provide an emergency backup supply for a few critical devices.

What happens if the solar system produces more than I can use in my home?

Any surplus solar power that’s generated is exported automatically back to the grid via the import/export meter. Our buyback guarantee ensures that when you sell solar power you’re paid the same rate it costs you to buy energy, excluding network charges and gst.