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Testimonials are earned through a commitment to fulfilling customer expectations and delivering exceptional service. In the past 35 years we’ve installed solar on more Kiwi roofs than any other company. Our customers are just like you. Find out what they're saying.



solarcity customers 

Ged Taylor

Ged Taylor and his family first looked into solarZero® when they were planning a new energy efficient home.

With all the costs associated with a new build, Ged says, it was fantastic to be able to add solar panels and a battery without any capital or installation costs.

With battery storage they're able to store surplus solar energy generated during the day so that it powers their home at night. It also provides power to a few critical devices when the grid goes down.

Ged says that with power prices always increasing, it's comforting to know his energy service price is fixed for 20 years.

"Not only that, but by using clean solar energy, we're also doing our bit to look after the planet and that's really important for the next generations."


testimonial ravi

Ravi Stuart

Ravi Stuart is a real estate agent who often uses a drone to capture aerial photos of the properties he is selling. In 2017 his eye in the sky revealed a growing number of homes with rooftop solar panels, so he decided to do some research. He quickly discovered the benefits of switching to solar. With a young family and monthly power bills sometimes close to $400, he liked the idea of being able to cut his energy costs. He started getting quotes to buy a solar system but hit a stumbling block.

“I worked out it was going to take about 10 years to break even, plus it was all on me to deal with any maintenance issues and to cover those costs.” He says he was quite amazed when he found he could switch to our solarZero® energy service that had no product or installation costs and included access to exclusive low rates for grid power. “That’s a real win-win.” He also saw the advantages of the 20-year agreement. "I’m going to be paying to use electricity all my life so it was great to be able to lock in some of those costs for such a long time. It also guarantees all the other benefits that the service delivers over the long term."

As someone who understands how passionate Kiwis are about their homes Ravi says he’s encouraging all his home buyers to switch to solarZero®.



Joyce and Boyce Luke

The Luke family lives in rural Taranaki and is used to visitors. However, they've noticed more people calling in to see them recently. They're also getting more phone calls. The reason, says Joyce, is that people have spotted the solar panels on their roof and are curious to find out more about using solar energy. "I usually spend about half an hour explaining how good it is."

Joyce and her husband Boyce switched to our solarZero® energy service in early 2017 and noticed an immediate impact on their power costs. "Up until we got solarZero® our power bills were skyrocketing no matter what we did, even in the summer," says Joyce. "As we're getting older we found we were spending all our superannuation on power. We're really happy that solarZero® has cut our costs and taken away the stress."

Joyce says they had looked at going solar before but had been put off by the high costs of buying a system. "That's what we liked about solarZero®. We didn't have to buy the panels. It's much better just paying a small monthly amount. We're definitely recommending solarZero® to everyone."


Tapsell Family

Ivy Tapsell

Ivy Tapsell loved the idea of going solar but, like many Kiwis, she had been put off by the high cost of owning a system. That all changed when she heard about our solarZero® energy service that let her power her Waiuku home on solar without buying the equipment.

"I'd looked around and this was the only way I could go solar without paying thousands of dollars upfront," she says. "Plus knowing solarcity manages the system for the next 20 years was really attractive, too."

Ivy's reasons for going solar were economic and environmental. "I was looking for ways to reduce costs and be kinder to the environment. Solar is a great renewable resource so we should be tapping into it."

As a shiftworker, Ivy is often home during the day and is able to maximise her solar use. "I'm much more conscious of when I'm using my big appliances now. It makes far more sense to turn the dishwasher on during the day rather than at night, like I used to, when power is expensive."

Danielle and Jason MacGregor

Danielle and her husband, Jason, switched to our solarZero® energy service mainly for the environmental benefits but are also very happy with the savings they're making.

"We wanted to be more self-sufficient and have less impact on the environment and solar is an awesome way to do that," says Danielle.

They looked into buying a system but were put off by the high price, especially as they were saving for their first home at the time. Once they moved in they were able to switch to solarZero® almost straight away as there were no equipment costs. Danielle says knowing solarcity was backed by Sir Stephen Tindall's K1W1 investment fund made it a risk-free decision to switch to solarZero®.

"solarZero® is amazing. There are no hidden costs and, even with our big family running the dryer all day, our power bill is way lower. And, because we're using solar energy, we're making a difference to the environment."


Deb Chappell

Deb Chappell

Deb Chappell had been interested in switching to solar for a long time but was put off by the high costs. That all changed when she heard about our solarZero® energy service that includes solar without any equipment costs and access to grid power at exclusive low rates. She also noticed a couple of homes in her Tokoroa neighbourhood with solar panels and talked to one of the owners who was already a happy solarZero® customer. From that point the decision to switch was easy, she says.

Deb made contact with us and was impressed that her questions throughout the process were always answered promptly with clear explanations. "The communication with the team was incredible and I felt they really listened to what I wanted." Deb says switching to solarZero® was a good way of future proofing her home. "Now that we've got cheaper power we can seriously think about getting air conditioning to cool our home during the heat of summer."


Tony Lara Mills

Lara and Tony Mills

Lara and Tony Mills say going solar was a lifestyle choice for them and their two young children. "We've always wanted to be as green as possible and solarZero® gave us the opportunity to make a difference." And, by choosing to go with an upfront payment of $1000, they'll be able to save more money on their power bills over time.

With both children under school age, Lara and the kids spend a lot of time at home during the day, so solar is a great way to power the house. "We've taken a real step in the right direction. We'd recommend solarcity to anyone."

Davina Lucas

Davina Lucas is a long time fan of solar energy. Her Te Aroha home already had a solar hot water system so she was intrigued when she came across an online ad for our solarZero® energy service. "I liked the idea of being able to power my house on solar during the day as it would save me money, plus clean energy is easy on the environment."

Davina says she was surprised at how easy it was to switch to solarZero®. "It was just a couple of phone calls and, voila, solar panels were being installed on my roof." Davina has not looked back since. "I'm loving having cheaper power and I've recommended solarZero® to all my family."


Virginia Driver Clearcut

John and Virginia Driver

John and Virginia Driver, and their daughter Maddy, loved having a solar hotwater heat pump so much they jumped at the chance to power their whole home using the sun. They had been keen on solar power for a long time so, with plans to build a 4-Star Green Star Home and the launch of our solarZero® plan, they were convinced the time was right.

They decided to make an upfront payment of $1000 which dropped their monthly fee and boosts the savings they make on their power bills over the long term. That's making the family of three very happy. "I've recommended solarZero® to everyone," says Virginia.



Deepak Desousa 

Environmentally conscious Deepak Desousa was our first solarZero® customer. Deepak was spurred on to look for a renewable and sustainable energy source after experiencing an Auckland-wide power cut that resulted in his home losing hot water for a week. After investigating solar power he came across solarcity and was impressed by our rich background and strong credentials.

Once the system was installed on the roof of his Henderson home Deepak was looking forward to lower power bills and was excited to tell everyone he knew about the excellent service he had from the start of his solar journey. “I really appreciate all the time that solarcity set aside to talk to me and the follow up I’ve received. I never had to call solarcity they always called me and I always knew what was happening.”


Bronwyn Morrison 

Bronwyn Morrison had investigated solar previously and had always found it too expensive. After researching the option of solar hot water she found solarZero® and, after talking with our team team, knew it was the right option for her and her family. Bronwyn told us it was the concept of future proofing herself against increasing electricity prices and being able to do her bit to help the environment that most appealed to her.

“It’s something we’d been hoping to do for many years, and it wasn’t viable - and now we can we’re thrilled. We’re recommending it to everyone. All the neighbours are very interested, it’s a superb option for families.”

William (Bill) Charles 

Bill Charles, of Huntly, had been wanting to install solar panels on his home for years. Like many Kiwis he simply couldn’t afford the initial outlay that has traditionally been needed for solar panels. When he saw our offer of solar power without the cost of buying a system, he jumped at the chance. He says it was the perfect way to fulfil his long term dream of living more sustainably. Bill is now enjoying the savings and tells us that it’s the “best decision I’ve ever made”.

Genesis Energy Residential Solar Pilot Programme 

We worked closely with Genesis Energy when it ran a pilot scheme for residential solar systems. We were chosen for our experience and market reputation for successful delivery. We supported the development of an end-to-end delivery package incorporating IT and systems integration with detailed performance tracking. Detailed KPIs were put in place to track health and safety, supply chain security, reliability of installation teams and to ensure that solarcity met Genesis Energy's customer experience targets.

We successfully delivered the design, supply and installation of the nation's largest rollout of residential solar systems in one programme for Genesis Energy. Customer feedback has been extremely positive for the home solar installations pilot.

hughs customer circles

The Hughes Family

The Hughes family are very conscious of their carbon footprint and the choices they make to reduce it. Before installing PV panels their annual electricity bill exceeded $2,000. While working on a project for the Solar Saver Scheme in Nelson, Carolyn Hughes found the statistics and savings provided by solar PV generation very compelling. Based on quality, price and being a local business, the Hughes family chose to work with us. “The solarcity team was great to deal with and I love that we’re supporting a local company,” says Carolyn.  

“Solar has made a major difference to our consumption and cost. It has freed us from the stress of waiting for the inevitable price rises by the power company. Power prices have more than doubled since 2004, but that won’t impact on us any more.”


jose customer circles

Jose Luis Gay Cano

Jose and his family live in a four bedroom home on 30 hectares near Nelson. They built with environmental specifications in mind, including a ground-mounted solar PV array and a rooftop solar hot water system.

The farm runs the largest reserve of wild horses in the South Island, with the solar panels providing 50% of the home and farm's energy requirements. The use of solar on the farm saves over 1,000kgs of carbon emissions every year. Jose is able to track the savings made on an iPad that shows the family the energy they are using and generating.

“We have future proofed our home. In the summer I enjoy watching our power meters run in reverse. We really want to inspire others to do the same.”


hulland customer circles

Peter Hulland 

Peter Hulland and his family installed a solar system on their home in 2012. Based on quality, price and being local, the family chose solarcity. And since installing 14 panels on their roof, their power bills have halved.

"It's really cool generating our own power. I can look on the website and see what I'm generating. I love to look out the window and see the sun shining. From the point of the view of the environment, I feel like I am doing my bit,” says Peter.