solarZero® explained

solarcity is a solar energy services company focused on delivering cleaner, cheaper and more reliable power to Kiwi homeowners. Our commitment and vision guides us when sourcing the very best products from local and international manufacturers.

Photovoltaic panels

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are transforming the global solar industry as they can generate cleaner, and often cheaper, electricity compared to fossil fuels.

Benefits of our solar panels: 

  • Provide clean, green energy.

  • Have a 1 to 2-year energy payback cycle by which time the solar panels will have produced the equivalent amount of energy used in their manufacture. Over their 20-year lifetime they will pay back their energy debt by more than 10 times. We purchase carbon credits to offset the emissions associated with the transportation of our panels.

  • Made predominantly from silicon dioxide which is a natural compound found all over the planet and is the most common component of sand. They do not contain toxic materials like mercury, lead or cadmium.  

  • Generate electricity from sunlight through the photoelectric effect, producing direct current electricity.

  • Operating and maintenance costs of panels are considered low, relative to the costs of other renewable systems.

  • No mechanical moving parts. Consequently, they have significantly fewer breakages and require less maintenance than other renewable energy systems.

  • Totally silent making them ideal for urban areas.

  • As solar energy is produced during the day it is perfectly suited to power heavy use appliances like air-conditioning units and swimming pools. In fact, the benefits of solar extend to all your household energy needs.

Delivering your grid power

Your home stays connected to the grid which supplies your power when solar needs topping up. You buy that power at wholesale spot prices through our energy retail partner, Ecotricity

solarZero® battery

A solar battery optimises the way power is stored and used in your home. It stores surplus solar power generated during the daytime and is programmed to buy and sell power at times that deliver the best rates for you. Our solarZero® energy service comes with a battery as standard so you can power your home on solar long after the sun has set. You'll also be able to power some key circuits when there's a power cut.

Key benefits of the solarZero® battery: 

  • Hybrid inverter and lithium-ion battery deliver a turnkey solution.
  • 4.8 kWh usable capacity with 2.5kW charging and 3 kW of discharging power.
  • Can store grid power when the rates are lower to use during peak times.
  • Backup power supply mode automatically supplies power to some key circuits in your home when there is a power cut.
  • Water and dust proof battery enclosure will last outdoors and is installed on floor, or wall.
  • No maintenance.

solarZero® monitoring app 

We install our state-of-the art online monitoring and control platform at the same time as we install the solar panels and battery. Accessed via your smartphone, tablet or computer it can help transform your home into a smarter home: 

  • Monitor the solar system's generation and stored energy in the battery. 

  • Track your home's energy use. 

  • Schedule your water heating, and appliances with smart plugs, to switch on and off at times that make the most of your solar energy. 


The inverter converts the direct current (DC) electricity generated by the panels into the alternating current (AC) electricity to use in your home. We use a hybrid inverter which also charges the battery system from surplus solar energy, or from the grid when required. If the grid goes down, the inverter will continue to supply power from the solar panels to the battery which will power key circuits in your home.

Roof framing system

We install on the following roof types: corrugated iron/steel, most types of metal profiles, concrete tiles, metal tiles and decramastic tiles (installed after 1990). The solar panels are fixed to the roof using aluminium racking that is specifically designed for the solar industry. solarcity uses Clenergy framing systems because of these features:

  • Versatile - can be installed on many different roof types.

  • Strict quality control in accordance with ISO 9001 ensure optimum strength and long life.  

  • Structural engineering certificate proof of suitability with wind, snow and seismic loads experienced in New Zealand.

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Product warranties

With solarZero® we own and manage all the technology so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll cover the cost of repairs and any necessary upgrades. This includes one full battery replacement during the 20-year agreement.