The Marae Project

solarcity shares a vision with Iwi.

“They have redirected the waterways. 
They can’t touch the sun.”

By harnessing the energy of the sun we can return power to the people. Through mahi tahi we can protect our environment, reduce Aotearoa’s carbon footprint, create jobs and save money.

Values of the Project


Mahi Tahi



Our Plan

  • Return power to the people
  • Fight against climate change
  • Offer alternative ideas, mini grid for Papakainga (work together)
  • Create employment and business opportunities within communities
  • For every home that switches to solarZero, we will gift a solar panel to the marae, kohanga or community centre of your choice

We provide more reliable power at an affordable price that’s fixed at the same low price for 20 years. Solar also provides cleaner power. There’s no need to drill or mine for fossil fuels.

Let’s protect our land and the environment while creating business and employment opportunities for Aotearoa’s small communities.

We see this as an opportunity to prepare our own to be at the forefront of a global movement.

Together we can give the power back to our people. By harnessing the power of the sun we can do that without wrecking the environment. We're empowering our rangatahi to embark on a journey of sustainability while giving back to our marae and kohanga.

The first step is to see if solarZero is suitable for your whare and will save you money. Send us your power bill now so that we can see how much energy your whare is using.

The next step is to hold a hui in your area to explain the project in full and to answer your questions. We will also book a time to come and visit you at your whare for a site assessment and to explain your personal energy presentation.

Once everything checks out, you can book a date for the panels and battery to be installed. You can then nominate which marae or kohanga you want a solar panel to be donated to.

  • A system will only be installed if we are sure it can save you money
  • You choose who you donate to.
  • We come to meet with you face to face
  • Based on the power bill you supply we check the savings you can make with solarZero before meet and greet
  • Zero product or installation costs for the panels and battery
  • Site visit at your whare with an assessor
  • The project aims to train and upskill our rangatahi to install our systems on whare around Aotearoa and gift solar systems to marae and kohanga and community centres in the process

Get in touch

Kahn Denton – solarcity –
03 668 5300