Moving Home

Buying or selling a home powered by solarZero®? We keep it simple.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home that’s powered with our solarZero® energy service, we’re here to help. Our dedicated transfer team takes care of everything, giving you peace of mind to focus on the sales process.

Here's how it works

Notify us

As soon as you start planning to sell your home call our transfer team and let us know.

We'll handle the paperwork

We’ll provide you with a simple transfer agreement for both buyer and seller to sign.

It's official

Once the home sale closes, the new homeowner will receive a welcome email and phone call from us. They’re part of the solarcity family now, so we’re here to answer questions if anything comes up after the transfer process is complete.

We get it. You might not want to stay in your home for 20 years or more, but solarZero® can still be a viable option.

Find out if switching to solarZero® is right for you.Find out more here.

Selling your home? Promote the benefits of owning a solarZero home to potential buyers with our awesome flyer.

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Editable solarZero home flyer
Instructions for solarZero home flyer

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