solarAdvantage solar power system

A house is built to last for 100 years, or more, so we have a responsibility to build homes that are energy efficient and have a small carbon footprint. To help achieve this we think all new homes should be pre-wired for solar panels and electric car charging so are making installation guidelines available for free. They show you and your build team what to do - whether it's a new house, or a renovation, so you can add solar and an electric car charger anytime. And, when you're ready for solar panels, choosing solarZero will let you go solar without the equipment costs. 

Key benefits of solarAdvantage

  • Make your new home, or renovation, solar ready.  
  • Get your home ready for electric car charging at the same time.  
  • Our installation guidelines can be downloaded for free. 
  • Solar panels and an electric car charger can be added whenever you're ready. 
  • No visible wiring as it's hidden in the walls. 
  • Allows for seamless integration of solarZero or other solar options.  

How solarAdvantage works 

  • Download the installation guidelines from our website. 
  • See information on what to use and where.
  • Share with your architect or builder.
  • Pre-wiring completed as a part of the build.
  • Add solar panels or an electric car charger, when you're ready.

Enquire now about solarAdvantage for your home.