Save on your energy bills and save our planet

Switch to solarZero and save money on power bills which have increased by a staggering 130% over the past 20 years. And, by using clean energy from the sun to power your home you'll also be helping to protect the planet. 

Save with solarZero

Our solarZero energy service has been designed to beat any power price from day one. Based on power price trends you can save up to 35% over the 20-year term of the agreement. Over time, that can add up to thousands of dollars. 

With solarZero you power your home on solar without buying the equipment. That's because we own and manage it for you. 

Your home stays connected to the grid which supplies your power when the sun's not shining. You buy that power at a special rate that's cheaper than you can get from any of the traditional power companies and we pass it through to you without adding any markup. We call that mates rates. 

We have a single, easy to understand pricing structure. With solarZero you pay a low, fixed monthly fee that's guaranteed to stay the same for the life of the agreement (apart from any changes to GST). The fee covers our energy services delivering clean solar power, improved energy efficiency, smarter control and access to grid power at mates rates. You pay for your grid power separately. That monthly bill is variable, in other words it changes depending on how much grid power you use. As part of the grid portion of your bill you'll have access to our buyback guarantee that ensures that when you sell solar power you're paid the same rate it costs you to buy energy, excluding network charges and gst.

As part of our service we'll work closely with you to drive down your gird use to ensure your total energy costs are as low as possible. 

Find out today if your home qualifies for solarZero.