solarcity is a new breed of energy company which unlocks the power of the sun to deliver cheaper, clean power to your home.

Designed to beat any power price from day one, our solarZero energy service powers your home by teaming up clean solar energy with access to grid power at mates rates.

Power your home your way. Along with our personal energy advice and a state-of-the-art home energy management system we’ll help you transform your house into a brilliant new smart home.

Save money and the planet with solarZero.


Is my home a good candidate for solarZero?

  • You are the homeowner.
  • Your roof faces north, east or west.
  • You have a sunny roof.
  • Your power bills are over $110 per month.
Find out today if your home qualifies

Why solarZero is the smart choice?

  • Savings - fixed fee for energy services price plus access to grid power at mates rates can save you thousands of dollars on power costs over the long term.
  • Simplicity - we take care of everything for you.
  • Certainty - inflation-free solar power and certainty for 20 years.
  • Power your home on clean solar energy without the cost of buying a solar system.
  • Online monitoring app can help transform your house into a smart home.
  • You simply pay a fixed, low monthly fee for solarZero plus mates rates for grid power.
  • Our buyback guarantee ensures that the rate you pay to buy energy, excluding network charges, is the same that you are paid.
  • We work with you to maximise your solar use and improve your home’s energy efficiency.