Things must change

to keep the next generation safe from climate change.

Introducing solarZeroSchools

Every school has the potential to generate its own renewable energy and experience the many benefits that come with harnessing the power of the sun.

Not only are there lower operating costs and more certainty around price, using solar provides an opportunity to educate students about renewable energy and it empowers and inspires the school community to take a stand for our environment.

There are no upfront costs for the panels or installation and schools simply buy the power they generate for a fixed monthly fee with our solarZeroSchools service. Both choices are backed by comprehensive product and production guarantees.

We're changing the power industry for the better, with an energy option that is better for schools and better for New Zealand.
Now is the time for sustainable education.

Benefits of joining our solarZeroSchools initiative:

  • A fixed price for solarZeroSchool service which means you’ll save money on your school’s power bill from year one. Those savings can be allocated to other areas.
  • No need to purchase solar panels or battery outright.
  • Reduced reliance on the grid, leaving you less susceptible to rising power prices.
  • Reduction of your school’s carbon footprint.
  • You’ll be able to use your school’s own real time data to teach students about renewable energy and carbon initiatives.
  • A system that is tailored specifically for your school so that you can maximise power generation and use to save money - even taking school holidays into account.

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