Case studies

Solar is a great way to power schools and to demonstrate the benefits of clean energy to the next generation.

Sylvia Park 800px

NZ’s most affordable solar power option for schools

In September 2015, Auckland's Sylvia park School was the first school to go solar with our solarZeroSchool's plan. Under this plan we pay for the panels as well as the installation, repairs, monitoring and insurance for 20 years. The school simply pays a fixed monthly fee for solar for the term of the agreement. We worked alongside Mighty River Power to put in place a seamless installation process. The 10.4 kWp system, using 40 solar panels, will produce about 15% of the school's annual electricity demand. Using solar energy will also save more than 50 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, the equivalent of about 1300 urban trees, over the next 20 years.

The primary and intermediate school has 510 students and 25 teachers. Along with teaching materials, the system will supply real time data than can be used to help students learn about climate change, clean energy and energy efficiency. Using online monitoring they will be able to track the performance of the system, the school's energy use and the carbon savings.

"Being able to go online and see how much the solar panels are producing and how much energy it takes to the power the school is going to be a great learning tool,” says Sylvia Park School Principal Barbara Alaalatoa.