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solarZero is the unique solar subscription service that provides a cleaner, greener energy option for your home.

solarZero puts the power in your hands

With solarZero, you have greater certainty over your power bills. With a fixed monthly solar service fee, and no upfront costs, you get the benefits of solar without having to purchase the system.

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How solarZero works

solarZero combines solar panels, battery technology and access to 100% renewable electricity from the grid at a price-protected rate.

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Revolutionising Energy

Features of solarZero

A revolutionary new way to power your home that could halve your energy bills.

Predictable cost

You pay a low, fixed monthly fee that will never increase.

Guaranteed savings

Guaranteed savings from year one as you power your home with the sun.

World-first innovation

Cutting-edge Panasonic Battery to manage and store your household energy.

Reliable energy

Back-up power means you’ll never be left in the dark during a power cut.

Monitoring platform

Track and take control of your solar energy use to maximise your savings.

EV integration

Charge your electric vehicle at the lowest cost.

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Extra benefits of solarZero

Common questions

Here are a few common quetions our customers ask about solarZero.
For all common questions, please see our knowledge base.

Will I be exporting power to the grid?

You may export to the grid if our system installed as part of the solarZero energy service generates more electricity than if can use and store. This will depend on the size of the system as well as the daily use of electricity in home.

You may generate surplus solar in the summer months as system sizing is based on average annual power usage, not for summer peaks.

We will work closely with you to ensure that our whole system is working in the most effective way. One of the benefits of the solarZero service is the solar export credit that ensures that when you sell solar power you're paid the same rate it costs you to buy energy, excluding network charges and GST.

How much power will be generated…?

For customers who select Ecotricity as their grid power provider: The solar system and solarZero battery that are installed as part of the solarZero service will cover up to two-thirds of your home’s electricity use. The extra power you need will come from Ecotricity and is 100% renewable, so you'll always be powering your home on clean energy.

What are the benefits of solarZero compared to buying a solar and battery system?

Consumer NZ warns that if you buy a solar system it could take years to pay for itself and that the payback time for a battery is far longer than its lifespan. That’s not an issue with our solarZero energy service as there are no upfront costs and no additional costs for hardware, ownership or battery maintenance. You just pay a low, fixed monthly service fee, no matter where you live. We guarantee savings from Year One and have designed solarZero to halve your power bills.

What are the battery specifications?

The solarZero battery comes in a cabinet that also contains the inverter, isolators and energy management computer (most other battery systems have additional boxes and enclosures). The cabinet measures 1650 high, 600 wide, 280mm deep and has a total weight of about 100kg.

The solarZero battery has a nominal capacity of 6.4 kWh with a standard charge rate of 3 kWh and a standard discharge rate for 3 kWh. During a power cut it can discharge up to 3.6 kW of power for short periods.

How are savings calculated?

Once you have provided a power bill to us, we look at the units of power that use, as well as the lines charges to calculate the number of solar panels that your home would benefit from installing. We use this power bill to estimate the savings both in year one and over the 20 year period. The savings calculation takes into account the lower retail rates for energy that you will have access to that has no margin added, as well as the reduction of grid energy needed by the home (because of the solar energy generated and used) and the use of the battery to ensure that most grid energy is purchased as low pricing periods.

What happens during a power cut?

No, a solar-only system will shut down automatically during a power cut. However, all the systems we now install as part of our solarZero energy service include a battery and hybrid inverter. This means the panels can continue to generate electricity during a power cut. That electricity will power selected circuits in your home and charge the battery.

Shining support from solarcity customers

Thousands of solarZero members form the foundation of our new grid for good community. Here’s what they say.

Hilma Schieving and her husband Frank Davey say that living in sunny Nelson made switching to solar an option they couldn’t ignore. They looked at buying their own solar panels but were easily won over by all the benefits of our streaming-the-sun monthly subscription service.

With a young family and monthly power bills sometimes close to $400, Ravi joined solarZero® so he could halve his power bill by unlocking the abundance of solar power and energy efficiency.

Joyce and her husband Boyce switched to solarZero in early 2017 and noticed an immediate impact on their power costs. "Up until we got solarZero our power bills were skyrocketing no matter what we did, even in the summer," says Joyce.