Savings, simplicity and certainty

solarZero® is your total electricity solution.
It combines solar power and battery technology to fix the cost for up to two-thirds of your home's energy use. When solar needs a top up you can access exclusive wholesale spot prices for 100% renewable electricity. Paired with our solarZero® app technology you can view your energy use and turn your paired devices off from anywhere with your smart phone. Plus you'll get energy advice from our knowledgeable team and have access to deals on energy efficient appliances.



Our fixed monthly fee for solarZero®, and access to wholesale spot prices for 100% renewable electricity, will save you money over the next 20 years which could add up to thousands of dollars.

Zero product or install costs

We install solar panels and a battery as standard with zero product or installation costs to you as we own and manage the system.

Night and day solar

A battery comes as standard and stores surplus power during the day to power your home long after the sun has set.

Backup power

Don't be caught short. Power key circuits in your home during a power cut.

Smart Home

Monitor how much power you are using in your home, optimise the use of solar power to lower your energy bills and control appliances connected to smart plugs, right from the palm of your hand.

Exclusive Rates

As part of solarZero® you get access to wholesale spot prices for grid power from our friends at Ecotricity. Power from Ecotricity is 100% renewable and carboNZero certified.

Buyback guarantee

Our buyback guarantee ensures that when you sell solar power you’re paid the same rate it costs you to buy energy, excluding network charges and GST.

Energy advice

Our team will monitor your home’s energy use and provide you with tips and tricks to maximise the use of solar power in your home.

Cleaner energy, your way

We will size our solarZero® energy service for your home. Here’s what your new, cleaner energy profile could look like.

Here’s what your new, cleaner energy profile could look like.


Total control - anytime, anywhere

Our solarZero® app helps you keep tabs on your home's energy use in real time. This smart technology can save you money day and night by helping you to maximise your use of solar power and make smarter decisions about your overall electricity usage. 

With proven energy-saving features the app allows you to see how much power you are using and how much energy is stored in the solarZero® battery. You can also set alerts and control your energy use remotely. And, because it’s an app, you can manage your home from your selected device – phone, tablet or laptop. It's your choice.

5 simple steps to switching to solarZero®

1. solarZero® explained

Send us your power bill and we’ll talk you through  the benefits of powering your home with solarZero®.

2. Agreement

We’ll present you with a savings estimate based on your household details and power bill and take you through the switch.

3. Full solution review and personalised energy plan

As part of our solarZero® energy service we’ll send you a personalised energy plan.

4. Installation and activation

Installation of the solar system and activation of the solarZero® energy service.

5. Energy service support

Our team will monitor the system and provide you with ongoing advice to help you maximise your home’s energy efficiency.

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