Introducing a revolutionary new way to power your home

A new solar system that could help you halve your power bill.

A revolutionary new way to power your home that could halve your energy bills.

Subscription based savings

  • Like Netflix for your roof, ‘stream the sun’ from just $85 per month +GST
  • Low monthly fixed fee, plus no upfront costs or maintenance costs
  • Guaranteed savings from Year One

World-first innovation

  • Features an amazing cutting edge Smart Battery that intelligently manages and stores your household energy, even when the sun isn’t shining

Reliable energy

  • Backup power means you’ll never be left in the dark during a power cut


  • Maximise your solar and energy use through a web based monitoring platform

EV integration

  • So you can charge your EV at the lowest cost

Join the ‘Grid for Good’

  • Cheaper, fairer energy that’s good for the planet too

Choose a plan that puts the power in your hands.

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Easy installation and maintenance

  • solarZero panels are securely and safely installed on your roof, and we take care of all the maintenance
  • solarZero home battery helps you store and manage your household energy

Bonus Amazon Echo device

  • Bonus Amazon Echo Dot valued over $80

Members Only benefits

  • Access to grid power when needed, with no margin added for additional savings.
  • Exclusive rewards and benefits, including access to deals on energy efficient appliances at the solarZero store
  • Opportunity to earn a $200 reward when joining our referral programme

Amazing service

  • Access to dedicated concierge to answer questions and provide support
  • Continuous upgrades improves solarZero service over time automatically

EV integration

  • So you can charge your EV at the lowest cost

Plus, you can add-on unlimited broadband and accelerate your savings even more.

Choose a bonus Panasonic appliance, valued at up to $2000, when you bundle solarZero with our unlimited broadband plan.

You can choose from:

  • Panasonic 49" 4k smart TV
  • Panasonic front loading washer
  • Panasonic 407 litre refrigerator
  • Panasonic Lumix digital camera

Terms & conditions apply.

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If you do not own your own home, or your home is not suitable, as a community member you get exclusive access to cleaner, cheaper local solar power.

  • We are returning power to the people and building a grid for good
  • Buy solar energy locally, peer to peer, from your community at half the normal energy price
  • Savings in your first year guaranteed
  • Flexibility to cancel or upgrade plans at any time
  • Personalised control and advice to control your energy; use both online and app
  • VIP rewards discounted from your energy bill
  • Connects to Amazon Alexa, a cloud-based voice service to control your smart home
  • Opportunity to earn a $200 reward when joining our referral programme