Terms and Conditions

What's included in the solarZero® service agreement

  • We supply, install and configure a solar system consisting of solar panels, inverter, battery, electrical wiring and monitoring equipment. 

  • Access to exclusive rates for your grid power.

  • solarZero® assumes that solar is installed as a single, or split array (max 2 arrays), on a metal corrugated, metal tiles, concrete tile (spare concrete tiles are required), or decramastic tile (post 1990) roof.

  • We provide a 24/7 web-enabled energy management system, at no additional cost, and provide personal energy advice to maximise the use of solar power in your home and improve energy efficiency.

  • We warrant, insure and repair the system. 

  • Technical support.  

  • Based on your specific site characteristics we will provide an estimate of solar energy production. We warrant the amount of solar energy produced by our equipment at 80% capacity (subject to an annual system degradation).  

  • A fixed monthly charge that will remain the same for the entire life of the agreement (the monthly charge is exclusive of GST and the rate of tax may change over time).

Your solarZero® service agreement does not cover

  • Solar panel cleaning.

  • Installation on roofs not mentioned above, or split arrays where more than 2 sub-arrays are required. 

  • Additional electrical costs if home wiring is not aligned to relevant electical codes. 

solarZero® pricing and payments 

  • You are entering into a 20-year agreement for the long term supply of energy services that will provide electricity to your home or property. 

  • The fixed monthly fee you pay for our solarZero® energy service (excluding GST) will never increase, regardless of inflation for 20 years.

  • The rate you pay to buy the energy component of grid electricity, excluding network charges, will be the same that you are paid if you export power from the solar array.

  • solarcity will charge your nominated account by direct debit on the first of each month. 

  • Homes and sites vary in roof structure and electrical components. There may be additional costs to cover expenses related to your roof type, or to ensure that your existing electrical works comply with code. We will advise you of these costs during our consultation. 

Estimated savings 

Savings are estimated based on a comparison of your current electricity retails plan versus the total cost paid for the solarZero® energy service and grid electricity plan. The level of savings will vary depending on location, roof pitch and orientation, and current retail tariffs.

The key features of the solarZero® energy service that support savings over 20 years are:

  • Fixed fee delivers solar power inflation-free for 20 years and reduces exposure to rising power prices.

  • The balance of your power costs are for the variable grid portion of your electricity that you buy at exclusive rates.

  • We work with you to reduce your reliance on grid power, further reducing your costs.

  • Our personalised energy plan identifies ways you can maximise your solar use and improve your home's energy efficiency.

  • We provide access to special offers on energy efficient appliances through our business partners.

solarZero® 20-year lifetime guarantee

  • Guarantees minimum production levels. 

  • solarcity insures the product. 

  • Will replace and upgrade any equipment that is no longer working, or reached the end of its useful life. 

  • Provides in-home solar monitoring. 

  • Technical support, 9am to 5pm weekdays, except public holidays. 

Termination rights

Twenty years is a long time and circumstances change. It is important to understand the options for termination, if the need should ever arise. At any time you may prepay the remaining monthly payments.

If you sell your property there are three options: 

  • Transfer the agreement to the purchaser of your home

  • Prepay the remaining monthly payments
  • Transfer the agreement and the solar system to your new property

If there is a significant change in your circumstances you may be able to vary, or terminate, the agreement.

At the end of the agreement we will remove the system at no cost to you, or you can renew your agreement. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a new system with the latest technology under a new energy services agreement.

About our website

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Privacy policy

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Call recording

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We record calls:

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October Promotion

Eligible customers must have signed a solarZero® energy service agreement and have confirmed the installation date for the panels and battery by midnight 31 October, 2018. They will receive $50 spending money at Goodnest (or Noel Leeming if customer address is outside of Goodnest service area). The $50 voucher is not transferable or redeemable for cash.